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Qualified & certified roofing experts

For over 20 years, Mighty Dog Roofing has been providing high quality roofing services across the country. Our qualified and certified experts can handle roof repair and roof replacement, ensuring that your home has everything it needs to give you a beautiful, comfortable place to live.

highest quality, guaranteed!

Our Mighty Dog Roofing 50 year warranty leaves no room for doubt. If you're not satisfied with our final work, we'll go back and make sure it's what you want and need.

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How we work

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  • 24hr emergency
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we protect your house

  • 11,750,400 Nails Used
  • 3,549,600 Shingles Laid
  • 1728 Roofs Completed
  • 4,320 Happy Clients

seeing is believing

It’s a Future Home Visualizer! If you have a photo of your home on your phone, just use it to visualize how it would look like with different types and colors of roofs, walls, and surfaces. Or, just pick from the dozens of virtual home templates we have already.
Take a good photo, during the day, of your home from the front. Make sure you can see the roof. Then, upload it to our visualizer and you’ll be able to change the material and color of your home’s features.
Our estimates for any job can be done faster if you send us your virtually remodeled home in the photo.

ready to take the next step?

A roof over your head is vital in your life, so we’re serious about our financing plan that helps you and your family maintain the safest roof possible in your home.

We offer several different types of easy financing that can be done safely and easy, without it affecting your credit score and can be adjusted to your budget. We can put give your our roofing services through loans at very low and almost zero rates, or with no down payments at all, leaving with a long-term loan with easy to manage low monthly payment. We even have options for customers with sub-prime credit.

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happy customers

Ken J.

They really are mighty! Everything took less than a couple of days. I needed a big repair job on the roof of my home, right above my study where last year's rains really did a number on it. But the first call is all it took to get everything in order, with nothing but smooth sailing from there!

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